The Espetosul Premium Rotisserie: Everything You Need to Know



Do you love chicken? How about pork or beef? If so, you need an Espetosul Premium Rotisserie. This amazing piece of equipment will let you cook your favourite meats and vegetables perfectly every time! Not only is the Espetosul Premium Rotisserie a great way to cook meat, but it is also incredibly easy to use. In this blog post, we will discuss all of the features and benefits of owning one of these incredible rotisseries!


What is an Espetosul Rotisserie? 

An Espetosul is a motorised battery-powered rotisserie kit that was developed in Brazil. It was designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind and works by freestanding over your charcoal or gas BBQ.




An innovative rotisserie, Espetosul rotisserie offers a user-friendly experience. As its main feature, it can be easily and quickly attached to any standard 57cm kettle BBQ. The rotisserie is designed with a 304 stainless steel material that is lightweight and cordless, perfect for those who want the flexibility to transport their grill anywhere they go. It also includes a long yet stable stainless steel skewer. To top it off, it runs on 4 alkaline batteries that provide 50 hours of operation. If you want to save money on battery replacements you can also use rechargeable AA batteries. 

All this makes Espetosul rotisserie an ideal versatile rotisserie tool for any serious BBQer!




How does an Espetosul Rotisserie work? 

The Espetosul rotisserie is an efficient and unique rotisserie. The rotisserie is an all-in-one cordless package that is highly adaptable to any BBQ (gas or charcoal). The design allows simple assembly-free installation that means cooking delicious meats and vegetables can be achieved within minutes of opening the box!

The 304 food-grade stainless steel rotisserie can hold up to 5kg of meat or vegetables. Simply place your food onto the skewer, mount your Espetosul rotisserie to your desired BBQ and turn on the power switch. You’ll be away cooking delicious succulent bbq as quickly as it takes to light a chimney of charcoal!




This design allows for slow roasting and basting of the food, keeping it juicy and tender on the inside while achieving an appealing charring on the outside. By roasting over coals the Espetosul rotisserie creates a flavour that cannot be recreated otherwise, making grilled meat more flavorful than ever before.

Can I use this on my Gas BBQ?

This product can be used on most of the gas BBQ brands available in Australia. If you are unsure you are welcome to email with the brand/model of the BBQ along with a photo. We will then reply to confirm our rotisserie product will fit on your gas BBQ.

What size BBQ will the rotisserie fit?

Simple to use, portable and suitable for use across many different barbecues, grills, kettles, kamados and drums up to 620mm in length.



We also have 200mm central rod extensions and customised central rods extensions available to purchase separately to suit applications up to 800mm




Espetosul Rotisserie Reviews:


Best purchase of 2022!

“Had been looking at this for a while and finally decided to get one. Should have gotten one earlier! Great little unit, well built and has endless things to cook on it, especially with the accessories. 10/10”

  • Thomas H. 


“Great product, easy to use and the meat results are amazing!”

  • Tyler S. 



Easy to use, and opens up a whole range of options for rotisserie cooking. Very quiet when operating. Awesome piece of kit!

  • Mark W.


The EspetoSul rotisseries offer something for everyone - from novice cooks to grilling guru. Espetosul rotisseries are battery-powered, so you can take them anywhere you go and enjoy food that is cooked to perfection every time! Plus, with the sturdy construction and long-lasting power, you'll be able to enjoy lip-smacking barbecue recipes all summer (and beyond!) knowing that your rotisserie is tried and tested. So get grilling today with the high-quality Espetosul rotisserie and experience the delectable results for yourself!


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by: Michael Wilkie