What makes Paul Mercurio's new FODMAP rub so unique?


Recently Paul Mercurio launched his new FODMAP rub at Meatstock Melbourne...but what makes this new rub so unique?

The new FODMAP rub works with all proteins such as chicken, fish and lamb plus has a natural and delicious flavour. This flavour is surprising for a rub that contains no garlic or onion (which often results in bland flavouring in other products on the market).

Inspired by customers who were bored with only salt and pepper, Paul started researching FODMAP then created a rub with lots of tomato powder, basil and parsley. The tomato powder caramelises and blackens during cooking which adds depth of flavour and sweetness.

The uniqueness with this rub is it's gluten-free and allergy-friendly ingredients, enabling delicious flavours for those cooking at home who previously had to steer clear of rubs and seasonings.

Who should try the new FODMAP rub when cooking at home?

  • anyone looking for a brand new taste that is allergic to garlic, onion, fructose or soy products
  • anyone who is coeliac or gluten intolerant

"I tried Paul Mercurio's FODMAP rub and I was amazed at just how versatile its application could be, from pairing it with a cheeseboard to grilling with some lamb chops" - Cameron Davidson, Pitmaster.

See Paul discuss the inspiration for the FODMAP rub and his Beerlicious range in the below video. 


Paul Mercurio Fodmap





  By: Rob Shackles