Q ‘n’ Up BBQ has Low & Slow BBQ fans Queueing Up!

Specialising in slow-cooked smoked meats (brisket, beef ribs, pork ribs, pulled beef, lamb or pork, chicken, turkey and sausages), along with all the trimmings (mac n cheese, coleslaw, cornbread, charcoal buns), Q ‘n’ Up BBQ specialises in catering for all kinds of occasions around Sydney. Today, we Interview Kieran Bianco - the owner of Q "n" Up BBQ and he shares us some of his BBQ knowledge with us.

Tell us about your food - what is your specialty?
I guess our specialty would be the smoked Wagyu brisket, whether it be served in a burger with our Texas-inspired BBQ sauce, or in a box with our creamy mac n cheese. Even better when it's served alongside a beef rib, pulled pork, jalapeno links, mac n cheese & brisket beans!

Who are your customers? What do you offer them that no one else can?
Anyone with a good appetite - right now, it's beer drinkers. Beer & BBQ go hand-in-hand, "like peas & carrots" if you will. Most of our gigs are held at breweries all around Sydney, so it's a really relaxed and chilled atmosphere.

Who owns the business?
I own the business myself but get some assistance when need be.

Why do you love what you do?
I've always loved food, more importantly sharing it with others and feeling like a God when they compliment you. For me, trimming a brisket keeps me composed, almost a nostalgic state of mind - everything is quiet, the concentration is focused.

What’s your favourite BBQ recipe?
I think making brisket beans is my favourite. It's a combination of lots of varieties of beans, along with plenty of vegetables which is a nice change from the typical BBQ food - although it IS ladled with brisket juices dripping from above!

Give us a pro tip on getting great results
I think good results comes down to planning, patience and timing. The timing is absolutely paramount, as typically the food needs to be ready no later than time "X", where I need to allow to cool the smoker down, pack it up into the trailer, hitch & travel to the destination. Obviously planning is important, just as much - as I'll be prepping everything else while the meat is cooking away, usually overnight. Patience? Well, you need to be patient with this kind of stuff. Nothing ever cooks the same, no matter what approach you take - what's important is being able to rectify a situation before it's too late.



Who would you invite to a BBQ at your place and why?
I would invite anyone, really. These days, it's old friends from school or guys I compete in the BBQ team with - they're my real family. I have one rule: wear stretchy pants, because I just don't know how to ONLY make enough food.


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by: Mat Holbrook