Why are Gyros discs so important?


This image shows gyros cooked on Jumbuck Spit


Okay, let’s start with the basics for all our beginner Spit Roasters reading. Gyros, pronounced yeros, is a style of cooking that originated in the Mediterranean in the 19th century and in more recent years is becoming prevalent throughout Australia especially considering the popularity of the jumbuck spit roaster. 


Why the massive uptake of people cooking gyros? Simply, because it’s bloody delicious, easy to prepare and the yields are amazing! It is quickly becoming the ultimate go-to when catering for a large number of people rather than cooking a whole animal.


  This is image shows Camron Davidson cooking gyros in the jumbuck spit


Have you ever been to the charcoal chicken or fish and chips shops and ordered souvlaki? That thinly sliced meat is essentially gyros. 

Now that’s out of the way, let’s get into why Gyros discs are so important. 


While gyros is a relatively easy to cook, carving can often prove the most difficult step in the process. So making the whole experience as easy as possible is always beneficial, especially for first-timers. 


This images shows gyros cooked on Jumbuck Mini Spit


When you use prongs to affix the meat to the skewer, carving can be difficult as you have to avoid those spikes. Essentially, gyros discs allow the meat to be carved easily against the flat surface of the disc. No, they aren’t essential, however, whenever I’m using an electric carving knife going full steam over roaring charcoal, I don’t want to be dodging flesh-spiking prongs to get my food! 


This image shows Chicken butterflied and gyros cooked cooked Jumbuck Mini Spit




Would I invest in a pair of gyros discs again? Absolutely I would. In a heartbeat. Knowing how much simpler it makes the job, in my opinion, they are worth every penny. 


Thanks for reading, and happy BBQing! 

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by: Michael Wilkie