Smoked Chicken with Alabama Sauce Recipe



Are you a BBQ enthusiast looking for a new recipe to try? If so, then look no further than this delicious smoked chicken with Alabama white sauce! This classic Southern-style recipe has been passed down through generations and produces succulent, smokey chicken smothered in a tangy, creamy sauce. This simple step-by-step guide explains how to smoke the chicken and make the delicious traditional Alabama white sauce - both of which come together over low heat and provide layers of flavour that will have your friends asking for seconds!


In this blog post you will learn: 

1. Understanding the Basics of Smoking Chicken 

2. Ingredients 

3. Prepping the Chicken 

4. Choosing a Wood and Setting Up Your Smoker 

5. Smoking the Chicken to Perfection 

Understanding the Basics of Smoking Chicken 

Learning the basics of smoking chicken is easy to do and can result in a delicious meal with great flavour.


Smoked chicken is an incredibly delicious and surprisingly easy dinner option! Smoking chicken ensures that the chicken has a deep, round flavour, and it can be done right in the comfort of your own kitchen or backyard. The smoking process tenderises chickens, making them succulent and juicy. For ease, a smoker or electric grill with smoking capability can also be used to smoke chicken. With smoking your chicken, you’re not only in control of the degree to which it is cooked but also get to enjoy tastier results than what you’d get with grilling or roasting. All in all, smoking your chicken is an effortless yet rewarding way to enjoy food - perfect for both beginner chefs as well as experienced gastronomers!


Essential Equipment


Prepping the Chicken 

Prepping the chicken is a vital first step in making this delicious Smoked Chicken with a White Alabama Sauce recipe. Be sure to begin by patting dry a skin-on chicken with a paper towel; this helps the seasoning stick to the chicken better. 


Remove the backbone from the chicken using poultry shears and then divide the chicken in half. 




Next, liberally season all sides of the chicken with Hardcore carnivore Red. Once prepped, your Smoked Chicken with a White Alabama Sauce is ready for cooking!




Choosing a Wood and Setting Up Your Smoker

Making smoked chicken is exquisite, but it all starts with choosing the right wood and setting up a smoker properly. There are many types of wood available for smokers, like hickory, oak, pecan, apple or cherry. Each type will impart an individual flavour and aroma to your meat, so exploring these varieties will help you find the one that best suits your preferences. 


In today’s cook, we are using Peach Wood. We place 1-2 chunks of peach wood over Flaming Coals Charcoal for maximum flavour. 




Once your preferred type of wood is chosen, make sure to have enough to last the entire cooking process and try to use larger chunks instead of chips for optimal results. Chips will burn through too quickly and not impart any flavour to your chicken. 


Knowing how to control the temperature in your smoker is essential, from vent positions to the amount of charcoal or wood splits your smoker needs. So be sure to do the research or experiment before cooking for all of your friends and family. You may also wish to invest in a wireless thermometer or base station so you know the internal temperature of your proteins as well as the ambient temperature of your pit. 



Smoking the Chicken to Perfection 

Perfectly smoked chicken is a delicious delight that anyone can make at home, and the Alabama sauce enhances its flavour even more. To get it just right, one must be mindful of the smoking process and use only the best materials. Start by preheating the smoker to 225 F (107 C). Place some chunks of peach wood into the charcoal pan, as this will infuse a deep smoky flavour into your chicken. Smoke your chicken until the internal temperature reads 165 F (74 C), adding extra charcoal to keep the smoke going throughout cooking time. Remember to spritz your chicken with apple juice or water every 20 minutes. 


Once finished, brush your chicken liberally with a coating of Lane’s Sorta White for an irresistible meal that you won’t forget anytime soon!




Preparing and smoking chicken is an art and science combined. The key is to have fun while experimenting and find what works best for you. With this recipe, you now have the basics laid out so you can get the most flavour possible. Take your time to make sure the wood, temperatures and timing all align, so that your smoked chicken will be both delicious and juicy! Remember, cooking isn’t just a chore but rather a form of expression and creativity – so don’t be afraid to tweak the recipe as needed in order to make sure it meets your exact standards. Let us know how it turns out - we look forward to seeing you recreate this amazing Smoked Chicken with White Alabama Sauce!




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by: Michael Wilkie