What’s the Best BBQ Rotisserie for you? Choosing The Perfect Spit

If you’re among the many BBQ-ers that have overlooked a spit rotisserie as part of their BBQ arsenal, you’re missing out on a really versatile bit of kit that produces great food, hassle-free cooking and catering for anywhere from 1 or 2 people up to a delicious feast for your family and friends at a large gathering.


There is so much choice when it comes to BBQ spits that it’s sometimes easy to get lost in all the different options or forget to weigh up factors that are actually really important to get right in order to enjoy using the spit. Here are some important things to consider when you’re making your choice.


There are plenty of rotisserie spits available at lower price points and if that fits your budget that’s fine. Just be aware that for a lower price it stands to reason that you are getting a spit that is cheaper to produce with lower-cost materials. Thinner spit walls will break down more quickly, chrome-plated spit rods and grills may crack and flake and motors may handle less weight in the food. If you have it in your budget, look for a spit with food-grade stainless steel rods, forks, discs and grills with solid wall construction and good quality motors rated for the weight of the food you’re planning to cook.


You can choose between charcoal and gas for your fuel source or, go for both with a dual fuel spit rotisserie. Basically, gas is convenient and charcoal offers maximum flavour.

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It would be easy to assume that a spit just does great rotisserie cooking but not much else. While the food that a rotisserie produces would be worth it alone, the one you choose can probably do plenty more for you. Rotisseries with grills allow you to grill your food while hooded rotisseries give you the option to roast with charcoal too. My personal favourite in the versatility category is the Cyprus spit, which depending on the model and accessories you choose, can give you the option to use 3 larger skewers, 12 smaller skewers (all motor-driven), multi-use baskets, gyros discs, rotisserie forks and a height-adjustable grill (which is very useful when grilling with charcoal).



Spits come in a wide variety of sizes. Choosing the rotisserie size that suits you best obviously comes down partly to price, but also where you sit on the sliding scale between portability and cooking capacity.


Camping and portable spits offer the most portability and (with the exception of our heavy-duty portable spit) give a cooking capacity of around 8kg.

Small spit rotisseries give the option of wheeling to different locations (or in some cases fitting in the car) with a bit larger capacity - around 8-15kg per motor.


Large spit rotisseries offer the maximum in food capacity - catering for crowds with the motors handling up to 100kg. Of course the larger size makes this category of spits less portable than the others.


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by: Mat Holbrook