What’s the Flaming Coals BBQ Community facebook group all about?

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Any business can sell you a BBQ or BBQ accessory. What we pride ourselves on at BBQ Spit Rotisseries is guiding you on your journey and providing you with all the solutions, hints, tips and tricks to ensure you get the most out of the product you purchase. 


We don’t just sell you something and expect you to work it out by yourself. From day one we’ve helped thousands of customers with free advice instore, on live chat and through social messaging. Now we are taking it a step further with a strong community of over 6,000 passionate BBQ enthusiasts and you’re invited to join. 


Our supportive community is an incredible resource for all of our customers to receive amazing free content, get expert advice from our team, get recipe inspiration and share all of their cooks and information. 


Best all, we run free weekly giveaways for our customers to win GREAT prizes. Just for participating, you don’t have to like, share and comment. Just participate, that’s it!

We are so committed to helping you take your BBQ journey to the next level, so our team of BBQ experts are active in the group answering your questions and offering opinions so offer you a better experience. 




BBQ recipes for pizza ovens, smokers, spit roasters and charcoal BBQs

✅ Expert advice - get feedback from our staff and the broader community

✅ Win Weekly prizes - a range of amazing prizes just for participating

✅ Live Q&A with our team of BBQ experts (Cameron Davidson)

✅ Get notified FIRST on all our sales, events and demonstrations 

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