What is a Counterweight?

Cooking on a spit can be rewarding, but to achieve a nice and even cook, you need to balance the meat on the skewer. This can be easy if you are cooking chicken or boneless meat. But when you are cooking a whole animal like pig or lamb, this can be tricky at times.


This is when a counterweight  becomes your best friend. When the meat is not balanced it puts unnecessary strain on your spit motor and will eventually cause damage to the gears inside. An unbalanced spit will also cook unevenly.  Using a counterweight removes any strain on the motor and allows the skewer to turn at an even rate, resulting in an even cook and a well looked after motor.

To check if your skewer is balanced, slowly rotate it by hand. If your meat instantly falls as it spins on the prong, it will require balancing. Attach the counterweight opposite the heavy side, and then test it again. Once you have a smooth spin,  you are ready to go. For more detailed discussion about balancing a whole animal on a skewer, please read How to Balance a Lamb on a Spit Roaster.



Jacques dela Porte By: Jacques de la Porte