How to Prepare Pork Ribs for Smoking

Pork ribs is a favourite whenever you go to any BBQ restaurant, but why not give it a crack at home for yourself? It's not as hard as you may think!

While there are plenty of videos and instructions about how to smoke pork ribs, I thougtht I'd put together a video how to actually trim them up and show you have to prepare pork ribs for smoking.

Trim the outer edges of the ribs to create an even heat distribution when smoking.

Trimming the ribs like this allows the heat to flow evenly across the ribs, avoiding cold spots.

Trim the excess fat from the ribs. If the fat is too thick, it won't render properly leaving you with tough, chewy sections of the ribs.

Once the fat is removed, pat down with a paper towel. Remove the membrane with the paper towel.

If you're having trouble, you may need to use a blunt knife. Tidy up the outer edges of the ribs in preparation for your rub.

Once done, you are ready to start smoking delicious pork ribs.

Below is a short video I recorded showing you the process.

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Cameron Davidson   By: Cameron Davidson