How to prepare chicken thighs for cooking Gyros

Charcoal BBQ Spit Roaster Cooking GyrosI'm not sure about you, but I LOVE cooking chicken gyros on a spit over charcoal. Thighs are the best because of their fat content. I've tried making gyros with breast and I just found it too dry. 

One of the best things about using chicken thigh instead of lamb is that there is absolutely minimal work to be done to prepare it. Simply flatten each thigh with a sharp knife, so they are approx. 1cm thick. I know some people don't bother, whereas others just pound it with a meat tenderiser to flatten it out. 

Once you've flattened it out, add your favourite BBQ rub. The Flaming Coals gyros rub is a rub I developed myself after tinkering around for a few years and changing up the recipe. After testing it at quite a number of our BBQ Masterclass events and getting raving reviews, I figured it was time to bring this shaker full of flavour to the market for everyone to enjoy








by: Rhiannon Peterson