Why are Pork Ribs So Lean?

We are here again to answer some of the most common questions when it comes to smoking or spit roasting.

You can't beat a rack of perfectly smoked barbequed pork ribs. Whether you like them dry or wet, it does'nt matter, as long as they are juicy and tender, they will always be a crowd favourite. 

Why are Pork Ribs So Lean

We often get asked why Spare Ribs are so lean?

Spare ribs are  generally meatier than the back ribs and come from the belly section of the pig, where bacon comes from. The butcher takes the loin meat off the top of the spare rib for bacon and other goodies. They're doing this because they get more money from loin meat compared to a  spare rib. 

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 Cameron Davidson   By: Cameron Davidson