Cooking on a Cyprus Spit Roaster

Customer of the Month

If you follow our Facebook page, chances are you've seen some of the delicious meals one of our keen Cyprus Grillers Bobbie Baxter has shared. It seems like every couple of weeks Bobbie is making the rest of us jealous by posting her mouth-watering photos. Whether it be split chickens, legs of lamb, roast veggies or roast pork with crackling, she's done it all. Bobbie is so passionate about cooking on her Cyprus Spit, she even talked her 2 best friends into buying one!  

Cooking on a Cyprus Spit Roaster

Here’s one of Bobbies many recipes - Chicken Skewers and Roast Veggies :

  • Chicken thighs - slice into 3 equal strips and then each strip into thirds. Thread the chicken onto the skewers leaving around 5cm at either end. 
  • Array of veggies - sweet potatoes, washed potatoes, carrots and large onion - all with the skin on  and double wrap in foil
  • Corn cobs cut into thirds - To make it easier to put the corn onto the skewer, gentle twist the skewer through the corn. Twisting lessens risk of damage to cob and kernels as well as making it easier to get onto the skewer

Cyprus Spit Roaster in action

Chicken marinading baste

  • 1/2 lemon juice
  • 1/2 olive oil
  • Freshly ground petter
  • Salt

Corn marinading baste

  • 2 teaspoons melted butter
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil
  • Sprinkle of salk and pepper


Getting it perfect

  1. Ensure there is a nice even thin layer of coals all over.
  2. Place your vegetables wrapped in foil onto the hot coals.
  3. Place your chicken skewers into the skewer rack & start motor immediately so they begin turning.
  4. Brush your chicken baste with a silicon basting brush evenly over the entire length of skewered meat.
  5. Keep an eye that you are getting a nice even colour along all skewers.
  6. Turn your vegetables a quarter turn every 10 minutes or so depending on their size.
  7. Once your chicken is starting to show first signs of browning, add your corn cob skewers.
  8. Baste corn cobs  at the beginning of cooking, then once more after 7-8 minutes.
  9. After approx. 10 minutes from second basting, remove corn cobs & check roasted vegetables are ready.
  10. Remove veggies & gently move around coals to pile up under your skewers evenly being careful as they are roasting hot! Literally!
  11. Allow skewers to brown well over the coals. This will give them an almost crunchy yet sticky rich texture on the outside. The meat inside will be deliciously juicy & tender!
  12. Remove chicken skewers from heat & serve at table with roasted vegetables & corn.

Chicken skewers cooking on a Cyprus Spit Roaster
Bobbie says "I can guarantee no one will knock back any of this meal AND those who have never tried roasted onion are in for a REAL sweet treat!"

Bobbies Tip for Beginners

"Use a mix of Charcoal AND Heat Beads.The Charcoal burns hot and fast and gives an amazing flavour. The Heat Beads burn hot and slow giving long lasting heat."
In this meal, Bobbie used slightly less beads to coal just tp ensure there isn't too much forced heat on the vegetables which would case them to burn. "When cooking a larger roast, I use more bead to coal ratio at the beginning which allows me to continue adding a few lumps of coal throughout the cooking process due to the beads burning slower"

If you're wanting to try this at home for yourself, you'll need a Cyprus Spit (Bobbie uses the Deluxe model).  

Here's a few more photos Bobbie has shared with us since investing in a Cyprus Spit over a year ago

Pork and veggies cooking on a Cyprus Spit RoasterDeboned leg of lamb cooking on a Cyprus Spit Roaster 


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by: Rhiannon Peterson